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Photo Editing Techniques We Use to Edit
Aerial Real Estate

1. Aerial 360 Panorama Stitching

We do panorama photos by stitching the images which create one large image, where it gives the viewer and client a 360 panorama view of the property.

2. Color Cast Removal

While shooting photos of exterior or interior, we face color cast issue that makes the picture look unnatural but we will be able to wash out the unwanted color issues that damage the real look of the photo.

3. Sky Replacement

We all look for the perfect sky while filming outdoor but every time we can’t expect perfection and the output tends to look dull. Editblocks easily replace the sky and does the color enhancement accordingly.

4. Day to Dusk Conversion

Conversion from day to dusk enhances the photos, exciting and eye-catching to present the listing plus helps to stand out from the crowd.

Before real estate drone photography editing before
After real estate drone photography editing before & after

5. Perspective Correction

Aerial photography of surrounding with barrel distortion is a major problem, and this can be solved by us, by cropping and setting up the horizontal and vertical lines to remove the distortion.

6. HDR Conversion

We can do HDR conversion for your aerial photographs by combining the various exposures and the technique to fix errors in the photos that add a sense of depth and create professional images.

7. Adding and Removing the Objects

Our experts at Editblocks use various editing tools & techniques to remove unwanted objects like poles, transmission lines, satellite dishes, roof vents, antennas, stains, and unwanted plants and trees from the photographs. Adding features like road names, driveways, parking lots, etc, and the area where it is barren, we will be able to add grass, plants and other necessary objects that provide a good view for buyers who are looking to invest in their future property.

8. Aerial Shoot On a Development Site

Aerial shoot on a development site to help the buyers to view the full property like site work, road view, construction and surrounding features to get a clear view of the whole area. At Editblocks, we work smartly to evaluate every image making necessary changes such as sky replacement, color correction, hazel removal that makes photos more realistic to view the whole property features.


We accept volume discounts and operate at a low margin on high volume.

100% satisfaction guarantee. We would make the necessary changes to get your photos to look professional.

We accept raw files in different formats like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc., and deliver output as per the required size.

We are here to listen to your feedback and suggestions to improve the output quality.

Our services are totally secured and affordable without compromising on the work quality.

We check each and every bit of the work such as a quality check before delivering it to our clients.

We have handled and delivered the size of the projects in quick turnaround time.