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What all areas we consider to remove unwanted color cast?

Color cast is a common issue found in the modern camera when the white balance in the picture is not proper, with unwanted colors from various light gets merged with white balance, making it more complicated and looks unnatural when taking shots of indoor or outdoor in different lighting conditions. A modern camera can’t fix the color cast issues, but some advanced camera can solve out 80% of the work and produce slight color cast which can be seen in the images when zooming the pictures on the desktop.

Through editing, it would be possible to fix the basic and complex color cast. To do all these changes you should be better experienced in editing and knowing all the shortcuts to make necessary changes in less time. If you feel fixing color cast is a time consuming and risky work for your business then outsourcing your job to someone who would understand your problem in fixing the issue would be a great deal.

Changes that we do in correcting
color cast

1. Proper adjustment in white balance

We make adjustments in white balance to neutralize the color cast in the affected areas using various layers, adjusting the contrast and level of change in (RED, GREEN, and BLUE).

2. Proper color matching

By the use of color match tool we can analyze the difference in the color correction by adjusting the luminance, color intensity, fade.

3. Reducing the grainy effect in the image

Taking photos in lower ISO in low light condition causes grains in the picture, hence, in the post-production using Photoshop to eliminate the grains and noisy effect.

Before Photoshop perspective correcttion
After Photoshop perspective correcttion before & after

4. Adjustment of the layers

We have a way to overcome the color correction problem through modification of the layers, by creating a new segment of the original and making necessary changes in the exposures.