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Services Include

1. Perspective Image Cropping

Sometimes the pictures wouldn’t be taken in a proper perspective and resulting inaccurate vertical and horizontal lines. Our experts will be able to identify the lines and make it adjustable through flipping technique using Photoshop.

2. Barrel distortion correction

Our area of expertise lies in barrel distortion, where the image looks more extensive in the middle and narrows at the bottom taking the shape of a barrel.

3. Correcting multiple perspectives

We correct the complex perspective problems where an image has got both barrel and perspective distortion with real complex scenes.

How we fix Perspective Distortion

Perspective correction is the most effective procedure in fixing the images where photographers shoot architecture photos both for interiors and exteriors with a wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lens. As an editing company, we know how to make it perfect by correcting the horizontal and vertical lines we use the correction tools to parallel horizontal and vertical lines as well as crop the images as required. Human eyes cannot figure the right parallel lines in the images so to give the natural feel we use advanced techniques in Photoshop to adjust the lines. We work for our clients across the globe making their images error-free as per their requirements. We can handle bulk orders without taking much time to edit. As our professional image editing experts are experienced in the field of editing images, using tools like Photoshop and Lightroom.Our editing team will handle and test each and every image before it goes under your custody.