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Decor your Empty Listing with Modern Furniture

Staging is a time-consuming job when you deal in a traditional way that requires repairs, painting, cleaning before the house is scheduled for the buyers to view it live. When compared to traditional staging, virtual staging is quite easy to retouch the interiors with furniture to draw the buyer's interest in a practical way when these images are being viewed online. And it shall be the best option for a realtor to promote the full staged home in less time.

Traditional staging is super expensive. We don’t think it is worth if you’re running out of budget or if the homeowner is not ready to invest in the physical staging. Virtual staging doesn’t take a long time to stage the images when you outsource your images to a virtual staging company. Through virtual staging, it’s possible to paint the wall, add and replace furniture of an empty room according to your design. Able to redecorate the entire home when dealing with messy coffee tables, kitchens, bookshelves, junks, and more.

Our Modern Staging includes

1. Style & Decor

We work on the styles and decoration of the interiors for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and other rooms. We discuss with clients, and it’s up to them to decide the color, style, and type of decor they need to show up in an empty listing. We do offer 360 virtual stagings to the agent, or the broker who only have to submit the necessary inputs to stitch the photos that create a 360 interior view.

2. Furniture Removal & Replacement

We offer furniture removal services that include the removal of unwanted furniture and also replace it with other furniture to suit the color of the interiors and even changes in decor items. At the lowest price, we enhance the look of the interiors that seems more natural in the eyes of the buyers.

3. Decorating the Interiors

We decorate the interiors and do the necessary replacement to match the interior looks. We can place virtual elements according to your style to match up the interiors.

4. Outside enhancements

When you want your outdoor images to get retouched through staging, we can offer you the best deal in replacing the sky or grass, day to dusk conversion, front yard decorations adding timber benches, outdoor gardens and much more.

How you can evaluate us in providing the
best virtual staging

We accept volume discounts and operate at a low margin on high volume.

100% satisfaction guarantee. We would make the necessary changes to get your photos to look professional.

We accept raw files in different formats like JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc., and deliver output as per the required size.

We are here to listen to your feedback and suggestions to improve the output quality.

Our services are totally secured and affordable without compromising on the work quality.

We check each and every bit of the work such as a quality check before delivering it to our clients.

We have handled and delivered the size of the projects in quick turnaround time.